Christmas Letter - A Resident Evil Tribute

Hey Folks!
2021 is about to end, what a year it has been, with a lot of new personal and professional opportunities.
Above all, I remember when I’ve started the “Unreal For Filmmaker Challenge” organized by Epic Games and ArtStation.
I would never have imagined how big it will turn my life and habits.

I am now totally involved into this new way of work and it could never have been better.

2021 has also be the occasion to meet lots of new people from all around the world, this is just so great!

I can’t say more about it right now but 2022 might be even better!

What could be the best way to end the year as a cinematic artist and realtime filmmaker? With a cinematic of course…(obvious no?)
As usual most of the work has been done in Unreal Engine 5. There is also a bit of Substance Designer and Blender. Unfortunately, I couldn’t render it in 4K due to memory issue with the virtual shadows on my computer (that’s life). So here it is, 24fps, HD, rendered at lightspeed with real pieces of Lumen and Nanite inside!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you!
See you next year!

Christmas Card - A Resident Evil Tribute


Greetings @lowlo, and thank you for sharing this visual masterpiece here on the Unreal Engine Forums! Everything about this cinematic is stunning, and you have definitely captured the essence of whimsical horror that Resident Evil is all about. “Christmas Letter” is a wonderful tribute to the series and a clear display of your Unreal Engine mastery! How long did it take to create this cinematic?

P.S. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you as well! :grin:

Hey! Thank you very much for those kind words!

It took between 25 and 30 hours to achieve this final result.
I have just released a full breakdown of the projet, here it is :wink:

Have a great day !


Greetings lowlo!

I just watched your release video. THIS is Next Level! THIS is wicked cool! It’s giving me, “Does that bloody arm belong to an employee of the Umbrella Corporation?” It’s giving me, “What a great way to bring in the New Year!” The moment the music score changed, my eyes widened with intrigue and a tinge of fear! THIS spine-tingling tribute is nothing short of extraordinary and a great thriller of a delightful Christmas present for us all! Certainly Certified Dovah-licious! :dragon_face: Thank you so much for sharing this awesomeness with us!

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Greetings!!! Thank you very much!
Let’s say that this project is a “spin of” from a project I am currently starting. I was working on it and thought “Hey, let’s do something for Christmas” and tadaaaah there it is :wink:

So yes! If everything goes right, we should now a bit more about the owner of this arm later this year !

Also, I am really eager and demanding about sharing and learning with others so feel free to spread the word and get in touch! :roll_eyes:

Here is my website :

Have a great day and a merry Christmas !

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Hi @lowlo !

I hope you have had a very Merry Christmas :christmas_tree:…or should I say, a very Scary Christmas :scream:! LOL! It is abundantly clear from your masterstroke of a tribute that you are cinematically advanced. I’m curious. Who are your top three filmmakers and your top three horror movies?

Yep, perfect Christmas :wink:

For the directors :

  1. Denis Villeneuve
  2. David Fincher
  3. Quentin Tarantino

For the Horror movies

  1. Definitely, It Follows
  2. Saw (the first one only)
  3. Don’t breath or Sinister

Have a great day :wink:

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Happy New Year lowlo! :partying_face:

Wicked choices! I’m overly familiar with all of the above, but I will fan out as a “Finchster”! I totally love Mindhunter (absolutely brilliant), I love the episodes he directed in House of Cards, and his beer run commercial - classic! I’m in constant debate in movie forums about which is the better movie - The Social Network, The Game, Zodiac, or Se7en.

DF is brilliant with his editing, color patterns, and unique POV film style, which I can tell from your tribute video, you are well studied. Loved “It Follows”! It was extremely unique in its realism. BTW, I own the original and the DF version of “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”, as well as the novels.

Since you like “It Follows”, have you seen “Under the Skin”?

Because of your top three directors, I am highly anticipating the direction you go in unveiling the next episode in this project! Thanks again for sharing such spectacular work with us! Continue to “Make Something Unreal”! :wink: