Chris Logsdon ★ Rock & Electronic Composer, SFX Artist w/ Programming Skills

Greetings! My name is Chris and I’m a composer/sound designer. I’m also known as chjolo in some corners.

Please peruse my portfolio:

Some highlights:

  • Specialty in Rock & Electronic - also good with Ambient, Orchestral, and more.
  • 20 yrs musician, 8 yrs pro composer, 13 yrs pro guitarist.
  • Strong programming knowledge (degree in game programming, 5 yrs pro web/software dev).
  • Big catalog of soundtracks, originals, and remixes.

I love games with strong stories elegantly told, and systemic gameplay that grows a mind of its own.

I’m looking for paid work, but I’m down to consider rev-share/alternatives if the project is right.
Remote work is preferred, though I’m happy to meet up if you’re in the Los Angeles area!
My rates vary from project-to-project, but I’m happy to talk and find a way to make it work.


Contact: [EMAIL=“”]E-mail, Twitter, or DM