Chracter rotation issue with replication


I have a problem where the the clients see other clients seemingly being forced to look in a certain direction.

Originally i though this was the Blueprint script for the character being wonky, but i made a copy of the character and removed everything but the basics for making him able to move. I noticed once disabling, or pausing the AnimationBP the rotation seemed to stop. So i removed everything in the AnimationBP also to force him into a T-pose. However the rotations still occur. So i realize this must be some other replication issue rather than a BP issue, but it was worth the try.

Running a listen server with 2 players.

[Video - YouTube][4]

Running a dedicated server with 2 players.

[Video - YouTube][5]

I don’t think its the bone setup, considering each client can see their respective model just fine even with animations. Seems like a replication issue to me.

I’m really at a loss of what could cause this, and hope there’s a relatively easy solution to this.
Any help is appreciated!