Chornobyl Nuclear Power Plant

Hi guys,

I would like to showcase some work in progress of my latest project: the Nuclear Power Plant in Chornobyl. It was modeled in Blender, textured in Substance and rendered in UE4.

Initially, the front view was the only perspective I wanted to create but now I have shifted towards building a 360 model to be able to showcase enviorenments with the NPP from different angles since the front view is limiting in that regard. The shift towards 360 showcased some new angles gathered from (new) references which basically means it needs some more work than expected. I couldn’t find reference from all angles so some imagination will also have to do. If you have any suggestions, feedback etc., let me know!

Below some more screenshots and a small trailer (Youtube):

Trailer (Youtube)


Hi there @Kami_Daikoenen,

Hope you’re doing well!

The video for this was so eerie and haunting. But I have to say you’ve done a marvelous job at making the environment look worn and crumbling but not overly falling apart. It still seems incredibly sturdy and intimidating. The flocking birds are also such a wonderfully spooky and thoughtful detail to incorporate.

Super impressed with your work, do you have an art station or anything to look at your other creations?

Thank you for your feedback, it’s very appreciated :slight_smile:

You can find my artstation as well as some behind the scenes content here: