Choppy movement along spline?

Hey all, I’m running into problems moving objects/cameras along splines. I have tried building the spline in UE4 and tried importing a spline I created in 3ds max and both run into the same issue. No matter how many control points I place on the spline, when there is a curve in the spline, the camera is choppy. It’s as if the object moving along the spline is moving linearly and not using the interpolated curves. I have tried using different types of points on my spline (curve and curve clamped) but these both produce the same result. I have also tried changing my Reparam step from 10 to 100 and nothing changes. Here’s a video depicting the issue. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

you want to move a camera or an object along the spline?
you don’t need so many points!

use this two nodes (one for position and the other for rotation)


be sure to have constant velocity ticked and coordinate space in WORLD
and setWorldLocation and setWorldRoation to the object you want to move.

time 0 is the beginning of the spline and time 1 is the end of the spline.

you should remove like 90% of those vertices because are useles :slight_smile:

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You don’t really need that many points, like mentioned.

As for the time Input you can do it via putting the Get Location and Rotation At time function in front of Tick and use the "time += deltaTime * SpeedMultiplier ".
In BP this will look something like this: