Choosing the most suitable playing mode


I’m new to UE4 came from Unity,
Really confused about Actor,Pawn,DefaultPawn,Cntroller and Character and I really need and explanation that shows the difference between them.

I’m creating a ball game in third person view

-The main character is a ball running through different environments
-The ball movements (only left and right with one click) is controlled by one player
-I’m trying to achieve movements by using rotations and transitions (no forces or impulses)

my problem is that I’m confused about what is the most suitable blueprint class for my character

here what I tried so far:

  • the character blueprint (since it’s have a built-in player controller) but it needs a skeletal mesh that I don’t have

-The pawn blueprint ,I attached the camera and my mesh,but the pawn blueprint don’t have built-in player controller (I’m confused about this,or how could I somehow add the default playercontroller to my pawn)

-The default pawn blueprint which I couldn’t get the camera works properly .

how could I solve this !?

For almost everything its “clean blueprint”. Unless you are really certain that premade game mode fits exactly what you need.
It is easier to script basic stuff than to change/remove things coded for you in C++.

Follow this TUT:
After making it all you will find that your ball game mode is subset of this FPS with added physics and gravity.

It sounds like you do not want to create a Character based blueprint. Characters are all about walking around. So you will want to create a Pawn based Blueprint, which means you will have to either write the movement logic yourself, or use physics to get the ball rolling (just turn on Simulate Physics and add forces based on input).

I ended up with writing the movement logic by my self, but still I have problems with that.

The ball is rolling inside a tunnel (the ground of the tunnel is circular not a plane surface), the hard thing is how could I make it go to either sides and freezing it at that position i.e rolling on one of the sides ?

I’ve been using a similar approach to this tut, but was wondering what the roll of a playercontroller is in all of this? Previously in UDK I remember using a playercontroller to handle input and pass along to a pawn. Is that still sensible in UE4?

In UE4 we tried to move all the input handling into the Pawn, rather than splitting it between PlayerController and Pawn. This keeps PlayerController smaller, rather than being the union of all types of pawn you might ever possess. PlayerController is best for things that are more independent of the Pawn you are controlling (in-game menu, HUD etc).

So something that persists throughout the game (such as a score) should go in PlayerController, while anything that is specific to that pawn (such as temporary powerups etc) would live in Pawn?