Choosing Templates from start?

Hi All,

I’ve build small scene starting from a Blank scene.
With some assets and some lights.

But now I would like to have character walking like a a top down/ or eg. third person view.

Is something you would need to do from the begining when you
can choose one of the templates such as a e3g (topdown) or can you still
change afterwards???

Or do you select all your assets and just copy them into new TOP/down

I personally would just migrate all assets into the new project :slight_smile:

Of course you can change the movement and view of your character by writing some C++ source code or by using the blueprint system,
but the simplest solution for you is to create a new project, choose the desired template and import your assets to it :wink:

Ok thanks alot, Does mean you would still need to place everything back in your scene. Re-build your scene?
I’ve tried Migrate with some other projects, it can bring your meshes,textures. But you would still need to place everything in your scene.
Is correct. And with importing assets, same thing.

Nope, thats not correct :slight_smile: -> as long as everything still has the same folder structure, you just have to copy your map to the new project and then open it.

One other option is to take the camera system from a top down game template, and implement that system into your game instead of moving all your content just to change the camera and controls setup. For example if you are using a 3rd person game, just modify the camera values and character blueprint controls to be the same as what you see in the basic TopDown game template.

But if you are migrating everything, yes you will need to re-create the scene, migrating only gives you the assets, unless also copying your map over to your new game. :slight_smile:

Nope :slight_smile: As far as I know it migrates everything in the right folder structure -> so you can easily open your map in a new project. (as long as the folder structure is the same!!) You just have to place your map into the new project content folder

Sorry , I edited it after reading your post :slight_smile: forgot about that!

Hi, Many thanks for helping out. I have got it working as you said. It works well. As soon as I load my level/map everythings is placed correctly,.