choosing player spawn on load level

I was loooking for a way to select where my player spawns on load level IE I don’t want him to spawn at the player spawn point of the level rather one of my choice so that I can use load level to go in and out of buildings I have the load level done but can’t figure out how to tranform player spawn point.

attached work so far I’m brand new to Blueprints so excuse my lack of knowlege


If you want to have the same level have multiple spawn points like a front door and a back door, you can store that in your GameInstance and have the outside level set the point it should use depending on the door you open. Then, the level you load can get the one set by the outside level and use it to spawn the player at. Sorry for the super quick reply, I’m at work and can’t go into much detail right now, but that might help you move forward a bit.

Thanks I’ll have a look in to that sounds complicated but I’ll give it a try