Choosing between mesh collision and collision component

Hi, I’m trying to take the Flying template and make a simple game prototype out of it.
I’m currently working on collision with the background elements and I was wondering about the collision system.
The flyingPawn created in this template has a collision shape on its mesh and that is what used for collision detection (blocking when hitting the walls etc.).
I also know from some other tutorials and examples that instead of using a collision component on the mesh you can add a collision component to the pawn’s blueprint such as: Box Collision, Sphere Collision and Capsule Collision.

My question is when do you choose one over the other?


Mesh collider is more accurate but requires more cpu power. A simpler collider is more performant and also gives a better result in many cases. For preventing a humanoid character moving trough solid objects a capsule works best. A mesh collider would often get stuck in an unnatural way.

Use one or more simple colliders as long as it works for you. Save the mesh colliders for when you really need them.

But what the difference between setting a box collision in the static mesh editor and adding a box collision component to an actor?

Hmmm… As far as I know there is little difference in the end result. Separate collider could maybe be a bit more flexible.