Choosing a different camera to look through when "playing" a level

Hello, I have a simple objective, and I’m not sure of the correct terminology to ask the question. Please bear with me. I’ve set up a character whose facial expressions are controlled in real-time via an iPad connected through Livelink. It all works great, but I need to press play on the level for it to work. I’ve set up a CineCameraActor, locked in place at the correct angle, focal length, etc., but when I press play, the camera defaults to a gameplay POV, and that’s not what I need.

How do I tell unreal to look through my CineCameraActor when I press play, so I can animate the character in real-time from a fixed viewpoint?

Thanks in advance!

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Select the camera, in the details, there’s something like ‘auto posses’, set it to player 0.

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Woah thank you so much for the quick response. I couldn’t find the setting you were talking about so I made a regular camera and found it. It works. It’s called “Auto Player Activation”
I can’t find the setting for the cine camera though, and I’m using that camera to achieve some visual effects. I’m going to see if I can get the same results with a post processing volume and regular camera.

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