Choosing 1 of 3 options (Other 2 Actors need to destroy themselves)

Hi guys,

So I’m developing a card based game and I want the player to choose between a few cards (kind of like a character select screen). I have 3 indentical cards as separate actors, duplicated (so not instances), I have click feedback set up (prints to screen on click) and I can make the Cards destroy themselves on Click, but I need to be able to click one and have the other two destroy themselves. Here’s the very simple base Blueprint as it stands, but I can’t seem to link the Destroy Actor object slot into a cast of MonsterSlot2 or 3 for example. Please help!

Heres the basic layout of one of the 3 cards. I’m just trying to get it to work for one of the other cards at the minute but a solution to destroy both or as many as needed would be even better: