Choose playerstart collision choose again

Hey there Inph,

I really wouldn’t go that way, of keeping a bool for each player start location. As it seems you have an array of the player start locations, I would define an invisible box around each location, that could then be checked to see if any player was inside that box, hence you would be able to not spawn a player, if another player was within X distance of the player start point (which would also have the nice side affect of helping to prevent “camping” of a start point). Then just cycle through the start points till you find one that is open, if none are open, then choose the one where the player(s) are farthest away.

You could still go ahead and create a temp array to pull a random player start, using this method, by just populating the array with open player start points as you check them.

Anyway, hope this helps.



I’m looking for some hints on how to make my player choose another playerstart if he is going to collide with an actor on that playerstart. Currently multiple players spawning at the same time tend to spawn on the same down which I’m trying to avoid.

Any hints on this, I can only think of assigning a bool to the player start and having bit change state of a player is overlapping it and using the logic when choosing the random player spot to make an array of spots where that bool is false.