Choose character on title screen?

I’ve been looking around and haven’t found a solution.

How can I make it so that when the game starts the play selects a character from the options he has, then the game loads a select map and the player can play with the chosen character.

I’m working on a game where you select 1 of 4 characters, like in Ninja Turtles on SNES, then it will load the map.

Once I have that working I’ll try to put a 2 player thing.

Thanks to anyone with tips on this

You have (okay, more than) two options:

1.) If you want the players to select a character and use it the whole time, then have a main menu “map” that shows the main menu and lets them choose a specific character. Do this in the map load event in Blueprints, that’s the easiest place for doing it this way. Then after they’ve selected everything they need to (Just a character, a character and a map, a character and a game mode…) load in the real map.

2.) If you want the players to select a character for each map or each time they spawn, put it in the game mode instead, and show it on map load or while switching maps. Then spawn in the character and hide the menu when they’ve made their selection and everything is loaded.

I think my free project can help you:

You need to understand how the camouflage selection works and replace my Camouflages with your Characters.

Wow thanks guys I’ll get right into all that first thing in the morning.

Has anyone tried making a melee combat system via State Machine?

We are doing that at the moment actually.

Awesome what are the challenges you find yourself facing by doing it via state machine?

Ok so I tried to do it the legit way, where one map passes data to another but I didn’t know where to store the variables from the ui widget onto the next map.

So I used a ghetto solution by placing the characters out if the maps extremities and having a spawn actor at location.

Anyone know how to do this the proper way so to speak?