Choose between values in a function

so… i have a pure function with some input… 3 float and a bool. Inside the function i have to do certain operations if the bool is true and some other if the bool is false. non of this operation have to be “executed” (so, they don’t need any exec signal) How can i? i tried with the branch node but i can’t have more than one retun node (so i can’t send any exec signal anywhere)

Hey andrearuzze,

Can you elaborate a little more on what you need to do inside of the function with those floats based on the bool? For example, if the bool is true do you want to add two of the floats and divide by the third and if the bool is false, add the two floats and multiple by the third?


actually i have also a rotator… i get the forward vector and:
bool true–> i break the vector and i make from it a new vector with z=0, then i multiply it by the third float.

bool false: i multiply the vector, without change it, for the third float.

then, in both cases, i add the resulting vector to two other vector (made up with the right vector and the up vector from the rotator, multiplied by the first and second float) and i return the result

I am not sure if I understand your problem correctly but you could use a local variable. You create two ‘assign’ nodes, each connected to an ‘exec’ pin of the ‘branch’ node and than return the value of the local variable.

it works… thanks!

i have to admit that this is not very intuitive… the blueprints system lacks of some kind of passive bool “if”

Branch is not necessary. The block you’re looking for is called “Select”.