choose any 5 packs for $19.99 - also recieve free casle pack set ou in UE on release

After receiving clarification from unreal, we are pleased to announce that if you own a UE4 license, you will be able to purchase our soon to be released packs in UE4 format, provided with a demo scene, with all content set out!.
In celebration of this, we are offering a deal today, whereby you can choose any 5 packs from the site for just $19.99.
Simply visit the page below to purchase. Once payment is made, we will email you to confirm which packs you would like to receive.

If you purchase within 12 hours, you will also receive our first brand new Castle Pack set out in UE4 as a scene level, upon release in two weeks time!

Purchase below

Well at least you made an actual product pack to purchase this time. Last time you asked people to email you and you ignored both my associate & I’s emails as well as site messages. Kind of soured my feeling towards you guys especially when dealing with your products mean converting formats and messing with the troublesome import problems from Unity to UE4.

I never ignore any messages, whether by email or messages. I pride my strongest strength on customer service. Please email me at one of the following. Re import problems, the FBX import great into unreal, ive been having great success.


So any 5 packs on the site for $20? And this is only for today? Because it would amazing if we could choose ANY of the packs?

Yes, you can choose any 5 packs today. And then, when I release my first UE4 castle level in 2-3 weeks time, you get the project files ready to load into u34 free which come with the pack.
This applies to UE4 license holders only.

Never generally is an absolute rarely lived up to.

I’ll consider whether I want to purchase your pack since you had useful things to me, but that customer service has been decidedly on the poor side.

As I do endeavour to provide great customer care, im always keen to take onboard how to make the arteria site better for you, and also my customer care to you as a customer. Sorry to hear you had problems here. I again just checked all arteria email folders, and unfortunatlly, your email isn’t there. Out of interest, could you be so kind as to send me a quick email now, of which I will reply back to straight away

Thanks for bringing this to my attention


I have sent an email just now.

Though I also contacted you through your Chat / Leave Message system on the website after my email and the one sent by my associate (not sure which email he used to contact you) had not received a reply. If you didn’t get three lines of communication from three different sources you have some serious problems with your communication setup.

Ive just realised what happened

My arteria3d domain got renewed at the time you emailed. During the process there was disruption with the way the domain company forwards to my shopify based store, therefore all communication to steve@arteria3d never got through during that period.

Great, glad I could help you via email just now.