Choose Actors in other levels

I have a an actor with an array of other specific actors that exist in the level. When assigning a value in this array you can either use the eye dropper or a drop down that shows all the actors of that type in the level.

I want to assign actor that exist in another level as these actors are quest objectives and so a quest might extend into another level. How can I assign actors from another level to the array in the editor.

It’s not possible I’m afraid. A re-think is needed.

You can structure the quest in the game instance or save game. Or you can level streaming, in which case, it might be possible to assign actors like this ( never tried it ).

As far as i know you can’t select actors with the eye dropper if they are in diferent levels.
When i need to do something similar, i put all those elements in the persistent level, ( is always loaded) so everything is accesible.

Hello! There are some opportunities, that can be helpful:

  • you can try to use FSoftObjectPtr instead of AActor*: it keeps string representation of Actor’s Level path. Say, you can open Level2, get Actor’s Level path that you need, go to Level1 and paste it in your TArray UProp. Of course, you cant open combobox for Actors in other Level with it, but you can make quest logic around soft paths
  • if you keep constant names for Quest Actors (for example, if you Pick up Item and after Drop it, you Spawn Actor with precisely same name of Item, as it was before you Pick it) you can make quest logic around Actors names
  • Maybe the simplest of all - make logic around not Actors themselves but Actor classes =) But this is very specific