Choose a free asset pack for 24 hoyrs

During the year Ateria run a freebie for unreal community members

Today simply choose a pack form our site and email with what you want
And you will receive a download pack for your pack, to use commercially.

Main site

Thats awesome I never even knew this site existed.

Do I have to create an account?


No, simply choose a pack and let me know what pack you want

Thanks for your interest

I looked over your site, very impressive work. Question, are all items for UE4 unless specified?

A shame I do not have some money to spend as there are multiple ones I like. But for now I have bookmarked your site and I was wondering if you also create new musical themes if hired?

Also, does the Tropical island Foliage pack work for unreal engine 4.12?

Yes, I can create new music if you need custom soundtrack elements for your project

The fbx of the tropical pack will work in unreal

Too bad your site only uses paypal - I wanna pay using credit card but my paypal is having problem now.

You can pay using card, paypal is only used to handle payments, you don’t need to use a paypal account directly

Just got done choosing an asset and I sent yall an email :slight_smile:

Do you have any sci-fi props?

I emailed for the free pack