Choice/Decision Based Game

Hey there, I have a “simple” question that leads to a “not that simple answer”… So i want to make a choice based game where u can either choose “option one” or “option two” and if you chose option one then something happens again so like a chain of events

now the question is : How do implement that… and save the data that got chosen so that later in the game it could be called back or smth…

Perhaps a map (dictionary) of Text | Bools / Enumerators / Structs (for storing complex progress, if required). This would allow you to easily set / fetch the result by name. Essentially, it allows one to associate 2 elements.

  • no need for indexing
  • expandable during run time, unlike pure enum requiring a setup ahead of time
  • all data in one place
  • easy to load / save
  • dev friendly to use - little blueprint spaghetti and no need to flip tons of vars
  • super quick query
  • no accidental duplicates
  • no need to stick to a cascading tree-like branching structure

You could query the map based on the name of the current game event. Should work if set up right.

Difficult to advise more precisely without knowing the scope of what you’re trying to accomplish.


You should take a look at Enums. At least i would probably use enums to set up such a system.
This way assign a number to each decision and save those, so you can get them anywhere.

example: [X] Keep the wallet
[O] Return the wallet

example: [X] Keep the wallet [O]
Return the wallet

For something that simple, you could just use a Name | Bool map I mentioned above. Something like this:

Adding an existing entry overwrites the value.

Hello, I have released a plugin that does this stuff. Have a look at it from here;