Chocofur UE furniture sets

Hey everyone,

My name is Lechu and I’m running a small, online asset store focused on Blender community. Lately I’ve been receiving some requests from my customers to include UE4 models as well and I decided to give it a try. I’d like to share my stuff through UE Marketplace and hope it will be published by developers :slight_smile:

Below are some screenshots of my first furniture set including 10 contemporary chairs. Hope you like it and will find useful for realtime Arch-Viz interiors or other UE based projects.

Btw. you can find my blender assets under this link: and Blender tutorials/articles here: htto://

Hey Chocofur - I just had a look at your site and you have some extremely good looking stuff. What are the Polygon / Triangle counts on your packs?

Also take down the links - I am getting a local host access to your site. Consider uploading them to Imgur or other image sharing site.

Have a great day and welcome to the Unreal Forums.

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Sorry for the broken links, it’s fixed now :slight_smile:

@HeadShot - thanks for warm welcome! The chairs from pictures vary from 2.200 to 15.000 verts (can’t check the tris atm), 1024px textures. I would like to release them in sets of 10 meshes within price range of 40 - 70 usd depending on the models included.

Working on some table sets and decorative elements atm, hope to share the results soon!

Thanks for moving the topic. I’m submitting some more screenshots of recently created models. Hope you like it!

It looks great! You definitely need some new furniture after your hard work!

Hey Chocofur these look beautiful. :slight_smile:

Hey guys, thank’s for commenting, I really appreciate it :slight_smile: Spamming with some new screens - this time the models shown below will be released for free. A small set will include 10 different meshes (bed has around 73k triangles if anyone’s curious).

Are you baking HP to LP?
Nice models, but the pillow on the bed looks floating and at the last picture, bottom horizontal wooden thing, is a spike to the outside, looking like flipped normals.
With 73.000 these objects are good for Archviz, but not for gaming, or not?

Where can we download these models?