Chipping,destroying walls

Ok, Im sure this will be a blueprint type thing but Im building a clay brick house and I want a char to be able to chip at it and finally knock a hole in the wall…Then after enough holes in the walls the house crumbs and crashes into random size pieces …Anyone got a video or any picture are ANYTHING I can use to learn this?

Once I do, I can reuse to do this with anything I want in game LOL…I know its a blueprint and a mix of a pratical system right?

Hi Sirhope,

What you’re trying to achieve is possible but it going to require a lot of work and becoming familiar with destructible meshes. Using Nvidia Physx Lab standalone install or the destructible plugin for 3Ds Max work very well. Setting up a combination of particle effects that go with the destructible will really add to the result you’re looking to achieve.

There are no official videos on destructible meshes but Tesla Dev has put up a couple of vids for basic destructibles.

If you have any questions feel free to ask! :slight_smile:

Thank you!


Can we get links?

They can be found on his YouTube channel: Tesla Dev - YouTube

Thank you Tim :slight_smile: And Thanks Daniel for link. :slight_smile:

@Sirhope, you’ll want to apply for a NVIDIA registered developer account, so you can download the standalone PhysXLab program.

Thanks N0085, I did :slight_smile: was a lot to get in there LOL…My BRAIN is so overloaded…This makes program number 10 that Im having to learn…Im so confused on what to start with LOL…My workflow is a nightmare…I wanted to make the landscape and tree’s ect…First but I have to wait for SpeedTree on that…BUT I want to chop tree’s and bushes down too so…Not sure if I need to wait on that till later or what…Before I waste time building more , Am I able to export designs to the Lab and do that to the mesh and then put back into UE4?? Or hows that done? I need Physx Particals too I think but cant find the downloud for it…I know UE4 has particals…UGGG Brain pops!!!

Should I just start by making the Char’s and animals for the game??

Yep that’s exactly how it works. You open PhysXLab, Import 3D Mesh, it takes .obj files I think (maybe .fbx too? Dunno off hand) then you set up your fracture settings and go, then export the APEX files for use in UE4 as a DestructibleMesh (or at least, that’s the theory, I haven’t done that part yet because I’m still trying to get my fractures right).

If you only need a wall to break down without having “supported” pieces, or multi-level breaks, you can just right click in UE4 on a StaticMesh in the Content Browser, and click “Create DestructibleMesh”, and it will open the Destructible editor which will let you fracture the mesh and play with the settings.

So if you want you can actually build your destructible walls by having the broken part be static, and having the breakable part just crumble in one go, and be a separate piece.

For more complex pieces that are supported/multi-level that you can chip pieces off, you’ll need the PhysXLab tool, though. NVIDIA has tutorials for it on their site.

Thank you for the tips N0085 :slight_smile: unfortunatly I need the hardest way LOL (((For more complex pieces that are supported/multi-level that you can chip pieces off)))…I could do the Easier way if I was doing a space game :smiley: LOL…But…Im doing a game NO ONE has ever thought of doing…So EVERYTHING is harder then normal :frowning: I need a 70+ member team LOL…If only I had the money :smiley: Hahaha… Everyones dream :stuck_out_tongue:

This honestly will be fun once I learn how to do everything…Mudbox is A NIGHTMARE to do tho…Its a AWESOME program but you need full blood artist DNA to do well :confused: Im NO artist :stuck_out_tongue: I’m just getting by in that department LOL

For me, a lot of life is about learning and overcoming the things you want to achieve. Use your determination to get the results you want! :slight_smile:

You seem very determined and I’m sure you’ll figure it all out in time. With this job, my personal projects, and things I still want to learn from when I was in school my list is outrageously long. Usually when it gets to a point where I need to learn a particular software or want to achieve something that I’ve not done. I’ll wait for that right project or asset I want to create and then delve into it much more than just my usual passersby approach.

Destructible’s are definitely an area I would like to learn more with. The system is not as easily setup as it was in UDK/UE3, but it will get there at some point. There is not a lot documentation on this and I know ways in which I would approach my destructibles if I wanted but I’ve not had the time to really look at it or dig into getting the finicky settings just right for what I want. I’ve done some quick test assets to see and spent a few hours here and there.

PhysX labs definitely has a lot of settings in there to get something looking great. Ultimately, I would use a combination of a destructible mesh with a particle effect to really get the look I would want. Similar to your chipping walls scenario. But that would also require me to delve more into Cascade which I’ve only had some experience with. I can make a particle effect but getting some of the more complex looks people have done would require much more time than I’ve previously given it. :slight_smile:

This is what I truly love about game development though. It’s a learning process and finding ways to achieve what you want!


One thing I find that’s weird with the destructibles, is that certain meshes will fracture just fine in UE4 with the destructible tool, but will have gaps/holes when fractured with PhysXLab (the mesh is fully closed, though). Weirdness.

Edit: BTW, I highly recommend NVIDIA’s tutorials for the PhysXLab tool - they are useful even for the UE4 destructible tool as well, and really give you a fast and simple overview of how to make your fractures look good for whatever material you’re using (the key is in the noise settings for the breaks, and also in how you break it).

Also be careful with the grid settings, if you push it too high and/or have multiple levels, it will sit there baking forever and then hang and crash. 10 grid size is decent, 12-15 with 1-2 levels is fine, 15 with 4 levels is a no go.

Save often if you are happy with your intermediary changes so you don’t lose them if you set the fracture settings wrong and the program hangs/crashes.

Hand Shacks to you Tim and N0085 Thank you very much for the care!..I’ll keep you guys updated on my progress with this :slight_smile: Note: And Yes Tim I’m super Determined, I’m a wheelchair user and never could get a job no matter the degrees in Engineering I have and had many family members thinking Im worthless and your company has given me a way to do something in this world to show that I AM worth something…

I have my Studio name and Logo now :slight_smile: I used Blender to make it :slight_smile: Once I get it Registered I’ll post it in Forum :slight_smile:

Cool! I can’t wait to see what you’re doing and getting done! If it’s one thing I’ve learned through my years it’s that I don’t like to underestimate anyone really. I’ve seen plenty of instances where capable people look down or feel sorry just because someone is handicapped. This is a sad outlook to have. There have been plenty of handicapable people who have done more than I have and are more driven! It’s quite impressive. Stay as you are and don’t let anyone ever tell you’re not capable of doing something! :slight_smile:

Destructible’s are certainly an area I’m always interested in! As I play with destructible’s and learn some things I’ll try to come back here and post some updates. It’d be good to have some tips and tricks for other users where they are hitting walls in finding the information they need. :slight_smile:

I do look forward to seeing how your project goes! Send me a link if I don’t get around to posting or seeing it.


Thanks Tim :slight_smile: I will bro! :slight_smile: