Chinese characters in Scaleform

Whenever I try to update a Textfield.text with chinese characters, the characters show as squares (indicating the movie can’t find the glyphs).

This is when I have font Arial with all glyphs embedded for the textfield.

If I paste some chinese characters into the text field beforehand, then the characters show correctly.

Has anyone seen this issue and any ideas of how to resolve it?


It has to do with font embedding I’m pretty sure, I don’t remember much but that should set you on the right path.

ciox is right. Did you specifically embed the font with Chinese characters? You have to embed the font, in the right language, into the swf, for anything that can contain dynamic text. If you just use the text tool to place some text in Flash, you don’t have to embed the font. But if you have a label or anything with a text field you can change at runtime, you have to embed the font in the specific language.

Thanks for the responses.

I am embedding all the characters, However Chinese and Japanese characters don’t render (when text is dynamically added through script):

It renders fine for all european languages and Russian, however not for Chinese and Japanese. If i select a “character family” such as the one below, then it will work for Chinese/Japanese, however what I really need is a character family that will support all languages.

Any ideas? Cheers

Sorry @Coldscooter I would have thought that once the font/language was embedded, the text would show up.

This might sound really stupid, but are you able to copy/paste every Chinese and Japanese character into an invisible text field somewhere? If you do that, then it might force the swf to include those characters, and you might be able to see them when you change the text via code.