ChillingGames Needs help building a major game

Hello, everyone, my name is Chris I am a writer and the other member of the team is a concept artist we also have a project manager we need help designing a psychological horror game, I need your help putting together a trailer and a demo for Kickstarter. The jobs we need to fill for this game are

each has no limit of people I will be accepting so don’t hesitate to apply

Level Designer


2D and 3D Artist

Sound Designer/Composer

Leave your portfolio down in the comments so I can see what you are capable of and if you have what I need. Thank you!

I am interested in programmer role.

I’m in for the 2d, 3d Artist. You should note that I am absent from the 24th to around the 5th.

Oh you had me at “need sound designer/composer for psychological horror”. I am very intrigued. Now with this I understand it is for a kickstarter. Is this something that if it gets funded will become a paid/royalty position for the people involved?


I’m interested in the programming role.
I have a lot of experience in blueprints while studying at college I created a few projects noteworthy
Here’s a couple links to my last project:

I have more projects I could show if requested.