Children of Actor Class not inheriting Set Visibility() for a widget

Using Unreal version: 4.24.3

I have an Actor Class that has a widget for text. The On Event Begin Play toggles the widget off. Upon collision the widget is toggled on.

The children of my Actor Class seem to not inherit this functionality. The widget remains invisible for the children at start up which is not desired.

The only way I have manged to get the same parent behavior to work for the children is to simply recreate the setup of setting the visibility for the widget inside each child.

I am new to blue prints and not sure exactly why this is occurring. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


In 90% of cases the problem most like resides with the end user. Happens to be so in this case.

It seems that I some how created the child blue prints incorrectly.

When creating the children blue prints I right-clicked in the folder that the parent lived in and selected create basic asset blue print class. When I searched for the parent, in hindsight I must of picked the wrong thing. I figured this out when I had to create another child today. This time however I right clicked off the actual parent file itself. When I went into the event graph I noticed a default node called Parent Begin Play.

The children that are having the problem I spoke of above do not have this node. It was at that point I realized that I may have done something wrong. Sure enough, everything that was not inheriting before is now working as desired.

Problem solved.