Child UMG Widget not ticking


I’ve spent a couple hours trying to work this out but haven’t had any luck.

I have two UMG widgets:

  1. MainPlayerHUD
  2. Minimap

Right now MainPlayerHUD just contains a text object (bound to a function which gets the player name), and the Minimap.

I have added a “print” call to the Pre Construct, Construct, and Tick of both MainPlayerHUD and Minimap.

The print calls for Pre Construct and Construct work in both MainPlayerHUD and Minimap

The print calls for On Tick only works in MainPlayerHUD.

On Paint for Minimap never fires either, I presume for the same reason that On Tick doesn’t fire.

I’ve tried setting various components to “Volatile” to encourage repainting, but that didn’t help either.

Has anyone else experienced this?

I have a very similar problem.

I have “Inventory” widget inside “hud” widget. - The “hud” ticks, the “inventory” doesn’t.
And there is a twist.
If I create a new inventory widget on runtime (in the construct event) and add it to the “hud” it ticks normally.
So it doesn’t tick only when placed in the editor.

I have pretty much the same issue. Any answers on this post or redirections to similar ones would be greatly appreciated.