Child Tick Event cancels Parent Tick event

Hello all.

If i have blueprint object, which has Tick event on Event graph, and i made new blueprint script which is child of this parent blueprint, and i place Tick event on child Event graph, the parent tick is not executed, until i remove Tick from child.

Can this be managed, to keep working parent Tick?


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Hmm i have now idea - to make blueprint function on parent like “tickFunction” and call it from Tick event on child Event graph, this could be one solution.

Is there some any other?

Like call Parent: Tick in Child Tick

It looks like when you declare a tick event in the child blueprint, you override the tick event in the parent one. It sounds like C++ like problem :slight_smile: If you worked in C++, I would suggest you to call the Tick method in the parent class by saying something like ‘Super::Tick’. I do not know if there is a way in blueprints to call parent’s events like this.

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yes, i have the same feeling. thats why i was asking for calling parent::tick().

btw in construction tab, there is already placed like parent::construct… i was trying to find how did i place it there, then i could find how to add it, so i think it is preapred in construction tab… (that means - in construction tab is something similar, but this is not construction tab but event graph tab)

anyway, for my problem, probably only solution is the BP function. i go on it now.

thanks anyway

To get blueprint equivlent of Super::SomeEventFunction() that ErayT talking about right click even and press “Add call to parent function”

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Exactly! I was preparing a video about it while you are texting this :smiley: lukas84 you can do such trick just like in the video if you want.

Video Link

wow, so it really exists! now i see it! good! thanks

Oh god I was going insane! It just took me like 2 hours to locate the problem within that tick event and another trying to find why it wasn’t working.

You are my hero!

Thank you for the answer. You saved my hide!

I just add a custom event, Child Tick that gets called via the tick of the parent blueprint like below.

Parent BP;


Than I add the Child Tick event in the Child blueprint.

Child BP;


The reason why the functionalities from the tick from the parent blueprint doesn’t work is because you overwrite the tick from the parent as soon as you call the tick event in the child blueprint. Thats why I make a secondary event that is called as frequent as the tick. If I want to add functionalities to the tick in the child blueprint I can now do that by calling the child tick event, Leaving the parent tick in tact.

Note: you should right click on the event node then you will find the option “Add call to parent function”,

because i was click on the canvas :sweat_smile: