Child Object Rotation Problem

Hello All,

This should be straightforward but it’s driving me crazy.
I have two fruits for holding, each have a root scene component and nothing else.
The root is to modify the objects center, as the mesh’s rotation points are each fairly off.
On game start, the objects are spawned and attached to the socket of the player.
The banana works perfect, and rotates with the character.
However, the apple seems to have a mind of its own and instead orbits around the central point, while maintaining a world-fixed rotation, despite having “snap to target” set.

Further information, I have several different versions (some for falling, some for throwing) which all use the same base mesh. All the apples have this problem. All the bananas do not, yet as far as I can tell the settings on the meshes are all the same.
If I remove the root component, it rotates properly as a separate object, but when attached to the socket, the problem returns.

Please see the youtube video attached for a demonstration of what is happening.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated,