Child Component Rotating

I am creating a chunk loading system for a dungeon crawler type game. I am trying to get a chunk to generate randomly from pieces I have created blueprints of.


As shown in the image I am adding the piece as a child component of the chunk, setting the position and rotation both to be (0, 0, 0) by default. Then the piece is rotated around the centre point into the correct orientation. The rotation value set is earlier on in the blueprint and is correct.

The rotation is only changing the yaw and is correct with the values of 90 degrees and -90 degrees (well is is 89.99997 for 90 degrees) but any value beyond them limits is ignored and is just set to either of them 2 values so I can’t get it to rotate to a full 180 degrees.

I have tried doing it by setting the relative transform straight off when the component is added but get the same results.

Is there something I’m doing wrong or is it something to do with how unreal does things?


For whatever reason the node converting the rotation vector to a rotator didn’t work so I changed the vector to a rotator and modified the values directly.