Child Collision

In my project we assemble the player character from multiple actors, but the engine seems to ignore child components collision with objects in the world, is there a way around this?

Ether you need to add a collision or give it some functionality.

they have collision meshes, they collide on their own but when i make them a child component of something else they no longer collide with the world. As i understand this is an intentional behavior, I’m trying to find out if there is a way around it.

Hello daddy123,

With the way that the CharacterMovementComponent currently works, it will only ever factor in the collision of the root component. This means that any additional collision you add won’t hinder the character movement in any way and it’ll force that extra collision through static objects if needed. The same is not true for other objects however. If you have an extra collision on your Character and that extra collision collides with an object that is simulating physics, it will affect that object.

There is a report in to allow for more complex collision set ups for the CharacterMovementComponent but it isn’t a priority at this time so it will be a while before that is implemented.

Have a nice day!