Child Class duplicates affecting each other

So here is what is happening:

  1. I have created a blueprint class, let’s just call it parent class
  2. I have created a set of child classes of that parent (right click, create child class, then duplicate that child class to have variants)
  3. I change the first one, and it’s independent.
  4. I change the second child class, it affects the first one like the second one is a child class of the first one.

I have confirmed that each of the child class instances has the same parent class, and that parent class is NOT being edited. Just the instances. It’s not 100% consistent, as in several duplicates seem to not affect each other, and some do affect others.

I noticed this because I have all of my child classes open, so when I edit one, it affects others and marks them as changed with a * in the tab.

Any ideas??

So far, the fix seems to be to create child class then… modify, build, save, then duplicate, repeat.