Child Character Blueprints Do Not Inherit Parent Mesh

Hey all,

Version: 4.9.2

Skeletal mesh and animation blueprint do not seem to inherit correctly from the parent character class.
Also, if they are set on the child class directly they are cleared on editor restart.

Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong? - Thanks!

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Create Character blueprint ‘Character_Base’.
  2. Create a child blueprint ‘Character_Player’ with a parent of Character_Base.
  3. Set the skeletal mesh on Character_Base to SK_FooBar.
  4. Set the animation class on Character_Base to FooBar_AnimBlueprint.
  5. Notice that the child inherits the mesh and animation blueprint.
  6. Restart Editor
  7. The mesh is no longer inherited and Character_Player has no mesh nor animation blueprint.
  8. If the mesh/anim blueprint is set on the child class it is also lost on editor restart.

Edit: To clarify, after creating the child, adding it to the scene, and PIE I see the child rendered with the inherited mesh until I restart the editor.

Update: If I set the mesh in the parent constructor (instead of via the UI selector) then the inheritance works perfectly.