Child Blueprints ? Regarding Related Static Meshes

This is related to Structure Item Blueprints.
So if you create a Child Blueprint of a Structure blueprint it will reflect changes made to the Parent, and the child blueprint will allow you to alter the static mesh that it displays when it is implemented in game. There are some Blueprint like gates though, that have 2 Static meshes, if you create a child of one of those you can change the first static mesh but you are unable to change the second mesh… is there a way to make that mesh changeable? Why is it that one mesh is changeable and anything else is not?
Is that an Unreal limitation or a ARK limitation?
Is there anyway around it?
It is not a real huge deal but it just means that updating certain items needs to be done manually instead of maintaining that lovely parent child relationship…
Unless I missed something stupidly obvious… (which is entirely possible)

Thanks in Advance

I’ve always assumed the gateframe was 1 blueprint / 1 mesh, and the gate doors were 1 blueprint / 1 mesh.

Two things to try:
(1) Get a reference to the 2nd mesh and change it directly through blueprint code to set the mesh.

if that doesn’t work for some reason then …

(2) Get a reference to the 2nd static mesh component, turn off it’s collision, then set the mesh to hidden. Then you’ll have to add your own static mesh component to your blueprint, which will allow you to do whatever you want.

Either of those should be done inside the “constructor” tab of the graph.

Thanks for the suggestions, I will see if either of those helps me to find an answer.