Child blueprint gets parameters reset when changing code in parent

I am experiencing a very weird and annoying bug.
I have a parent blueprint with a lot of functionality (a spaceship). This parent has a child blueprint. Only one for now, but I plan to have dozens when I make many spaceship variants.
Now, if I change code in the parent blueprint, it might happen that I lose several parameters in the child blueprint, which switch to values which I guess are the presets of each respective component.

Now, I noticed that this bug has been there since the dawn of times:

I am using now version 4.26.2.
Is this bug solved in the next version?
Any plans to solve this bug once and for all?
Anyone else experience the same with recent UE4 versions?

Thank you!

I’ve got the same issue and I’m using 4.27.

This is quite annoying dangerous because you often don’t recognize it directly, especially when it happens to arrays or gash maps with much data.

I currently tend to use data tables to define these and load the data in the actors constructor, instead of defining it directly as default values.

Hi HAF-Blade,
thanks for the info.
I set up about one week ago the Source Control, just locally on my hard drive.
I have to say that I did not experience anymore the “memory loss” on the Blueprint.
I won’t say it’s fixed, because I cannot exclude it to happen again, but maybe, just maybe, Source Control helps in mitigating this issue.