Child Blueprint Class

Hi, I have many doors in a hotel I need to open and close. I have made a master blueprint class with the scripting to open and close doors with trigger. I want to make instances of this blueprint to use for all the other doors, but the doors all have different rotations, so I need to change the settings in the child Blueprints independently without affecting the master blueprint. How do I do this? Sorry I am new to all of this? I need to use the Child component settings?

very short version: use inheritance and inherited blueprints instead of child actors. Google that, find tutorial, and you do not need to read anything below.
tut about it:

longer versions:

If you are working in team with artist ask them to make each door as animated skeletal mesh. But before they go full speed of making all those doors check if you can get lighting right on them. There are some differences with rendering skeletal meshes and other things, so you may get lighting artifacts. When you have those skeletal meshes just make default blueprint that can play skeletal animation. That would be easiest solution to program. Also lets artists decide on how doors open, they can make some really complicated and weird systems in maya without you digging into vectors and rotations.

But if you want done it as a coder. And probably you want some better ways to handling doors even with skeletal meshes. For that you need inherited blueprints.

First make some basic class that has empty (or default/mockup) static mesh, and 2 vector variables as start location and end location. Expose all 3 variables, make them visible in parameters panel. Now when you place such actor in level you can click it and there you will see those variables in parameters panel. When you set its static mesh variable to different mesh actor in edit window should change. Then create some code that moves mesh from start vector location to end vector location (other 2 variables you exposed). When all works you should have working parent class.

Now you can create inherited blueprint class, and edit there all parent parameters, this will create customized door variant for you.

Here is a video I made on using construction script in door creation: