Child AnimBlueprint not inheriting Event or Anim Graph?

Hi all,

When I make a child Blueprint from my completed Animation Blueprint, the Child inherits the variables, but seems to have a black Event Graph and I can’t even see an Anim Graph listed on the “My Blueprint” tab… and then when I go to try that child anim blueprint in-game, it behaves as if it has no nodes, essentially empty. Are children inheriting graphs of Animation Blueprints not properly supported yet, or does this work for anyone else?

Thanks very much!

Nevermind, all good. Was just that the child blueprint doesn’t seem to show the eventgraph or animgraph of the parent at all, and it automatically adds the event tick() which overrides the parent tick(). once the child’s event tick() is removed, it will use the parent anim blueprint tick() and work :slight_smile: