Child and Parent Blueprint Object Reference

I’m having a hard time finding the proper documentation for referencing parent actors in a blueprint using child actors.

I currently have a parent class called Weapon_Base_BP with many childs such as Weapon_Rifle_BP, Weapon_Pistol_BP, etc.

The parent class (Weapon_Base_BP) has a muzzle location object that is repositioned on every child.

In my character blueprint, I’d like to be able to reference the muzzle location from any object child. However, after spawning the actor from the rifle class (Weapon_Rifle_BP), the object reference is a Weapon_Rifle_BP object. The code referencing this object won’t work if my player is using a Weapon_Pistol_BP.

How can I properly set a general reference to the muzzle considering any child class might be used?

After spawing any child of weapon base class, just cast it to Weapon_Base_BP object and it will always be success. Now you can get muzzle location and other code will also work!

Thanks you very much! I kept watching tutorials yesterday, and never actually found this info.