Child Actor Issues

I am working on a project that involves base building. In order to do this I am using child actors so that should say the foundation be destroyed, everything built on it is also destroyed. The issue I am facing is if I place a wall on top of a wall, the second wall does not actually appear, it does not actually show up. I am using set child actor to the class I want. If I use a different wall section, it works fine. (I have a couple wall sections which are exactly the same, with only the texture being used on them different). I can place one with a different texture on top of one, but if I try to use one with the same texture, it will not work. For the life of me, I cannot figure out any reason why it won’t work. If it wouldn’t work at all, it would make at least some sense, but being that it will work if I don’t use the same textured piece, I cannot figure it out. Any ideas?

There’s not very much to go on here. Can you show some pictures on what the viewport looks like on your BP?
Also, are you doing these attaches during runtime, and if so can you show us some pictures of what the graph/code looks like?

I’ll try and post the BPs tonight. I didn’t do that with the original post as it is huge and uses many functions I built to trace and find the right type of piece to attach to, etc. All of this is done during run time. Mainly, I was wanting to know if there is something that prevents an actor from having a child of the same class as itself or a child from having a child of the same class as what it is attached to.

I would try using child components instead of child actors.

Here’s a pic of the whole build type thing:

I’m willing to post every part if it will help, however, this is where I am attaching the child actor and where the issue takes place. Using print string to debug, I know it comes through this part and even that it does have a child actor after running through here, as it will print the name of the child actor, but it does not appear in game visually or even to block movement through it. If I use a different wall piece (I have 3 different meshes and 3 different textures for a total of 9 different wall pieces) it works fine, however if I try to stack 2 of the same kind, it will not work.

Not sure what you mean to do differently, unless you are talking about adding the component in the BP of the actor itself, but if so, I don’t believe that would allow for the player character to “build” a house, fort, etc. unless I’m not getting how you are talking about doing it.