Child actor components don't spawn on clients

Hi, In my project I did some mecanism like padlocks or keypad locks. I used an actor to represent a button and this buttons are child components in my locks BP.
Everything is fine in the editor, I can push the buttons on every clients but when I launch in standalone the child actor components are not visible and probably not spawned on clients machine.

Any idea what could go wrong here? It’s the first time I use replication on child components, I don’t know if it’s a common issue.

So It’s not perfect but it works now. My solution was to set my button actor to not replicate and on my main BP replicate the actor in the child actor component.

I don’t know why it works better that way but I will answer as resolved for now.

Thank you for finding this! It fixed my issue. I’ve been digging deep into the source code to figure out what was going on.

Thanks for the tip ! Just to add for anyone else, using this fix it for runtime loaded maps, PIE item will be spawned, but authority will be messy, and if you have specific network code it may not work in PIE ( test it with map loaded from runtime, where it work fine )

This did fix my problem on first, but then I encountered a new problem, that the child actors are spawned 2 times on the client (server is fine).

For me setting inside the child actor “Always Relevant” did the trick… not sure why

This fixed my issue!

I fixed it by just turning off the “net load on client” on the child actor component. Basically means that the clients will get the actors from the server and won’t start with their own version of the actor.

Thank you very much

Making the child actor blueprint not replicated and the template settings replicated as you showed in the OP worked for me as well, thank you. What an incredibly unintuitive system!