"Child Actor" component shows two instances for client, despite only being spawned by server

Got a simple bug other day. I already did a workaround, but I thought I’d report bug anyhow. At least I think it’s a bug, maybe someone can confirm this for me.

What happens: Client sees two instances of a component in scene when there should only be one instance.

Steps to replicate bug:

  1. Create two new blueprint classes that we’ll call “BP_A” and “BP_B” ( names don’t really matter), and tick replicates to “true” for both.
  2. In BP_A, place a child actor component and set that component’s class to BP_B.
  3. In a random map, open level blueprint and in blueprint map, connect “Event Begin Play” → “Switch has Authority” from Authority Pin → “Spawn actor from class” with class set to BP_A.
  4. Set PIE editor to 2 or more players.
  5. Press play.

If done correctly, client should see only one instance of BP_A, but two instances of BP_B, while server sees only one instance of BP_A and one instance of BP_B.

Hi ,

Thanks for report, but this is already a known issue with Child Actor Components and replication using SpawnActorFromClass (UE-7539). It appears that ChildActorComponents don’t check IsAuthority when spawning replicated objects in a networked game. We don’t have a fix currently, but I will update this post once we do. Thanks!

I was just curious if some headway has been made on this issue. Please let me know. Thanks!

This issue is currently under investigation by our developers. I will provide updates on this issue as they become available.

Have a great day

Hi Sean, we are using several Child Actor Components in our project and we hit this problem with replication. Have you any update on UE-7539? Any estimated schedule for fixing it? Thanks.


This issue has been resolved for 4.12.

Here is link to github commit: https://github.com/EpicGames/UnrealEngine/commit/160264f86c5d502eb9cba9f8056c8bc6523c1d61

Great! Thanks for link too.

Hi, I have same problem. If it is resolved. Is there any link where I can find it? other link is broken.

fix should be available in 4.12 Release version. link works for me, ensure that you are logged in to your github account and that you have linked it to your Epic Games account in order to have access to Unreal Engine dashboard.

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i have this bug in 4.14 any fix for this?

Hey Axxi,

I’ve seen your other thread and will look into issue there. Please refer to thread linked below for updates as they become available: