Child Actor Component not implementing interface in Unreal Blue Print Editor?


This issue has been bugging me for the better part of the day and I can’t seem to figure out what I’m doing wrong.

I have created an actor, that is called headless_actor. This actor implements an interface called Headless Activation Interface. Here’s how this looks:


Now, I have also created a player pawn called zerog_pawn. The pawn has a child actor component, that is the headless_actor. I want to call an event in that headless_actor through the interface that I have implemented in both the headless_actor and the zerog_pawn. When I want to trigger the event, nothing happens on the other end. The event is never called on the headless_actor side.

I have set break points everywhere to try to understand what is happening and it seems that for some reason, the BP editor claims that the headless_actor child actor component does not implement the Headless Activation Interface. Clearly that is the case, as can be seen in the first image.

Here’s what the call for the interface event looks like in the pawn:


The breakpoint on the branch shows, that the child component does not implement the interface (the condition is always false). Subsequently the event is not triggered in the implementation from the first screenshot (the headless_actor). I just can’t seem to understand why. It is clearly the same interface on both ends. I must be missing something here or am using the interface wrong.

A childActor is a component, not the actor itself. So you need to drag off a GetActor node from Headless Actor. then you can call the Blueprint Interface functions on that.