Child Actor Component in nested hierarchy causing editor crash on level load

Hello everybody. I have painful issue I’m struggling for a week with no success.
I’m working on Solar System Engine for my game and I have found that I can not move forward because of ChildActorComponent. When Parent Actor in his nested hierarchy have more than two childs it crashes the editor on level load.
One more important thing. Because Solar System has a really big pile of settings that needs to be visually tweaked before Begin Play most of the code is written in Constructor.
It is really easy to reproduce this bug. You just need to create 4 Actor blueprints like Parent, Child_a, Child_b and Child_c. Then Add ChildActorComponent in Constuction Script of the Parent blueprint and set it to Child_a and so on. Basically next ChildActor is Parent for another. Add Parent BP in level save and restart project and you will get crash.
I have found bunch of old topics with some similar issues and bug reports but none of them was resolved.
UE 4.27.1
TowDef - Unreal Editor_2

Have you tried to make child_a160 a separate actor and put to him all other child actors?
I have such an actor with such hierarchy and it works as intended.

Thanks for your replay.
What difference will it make? All actors in my hierarchy are separate actors.

I mean you can have only the parent actor and child_a32, the last one will have two child actors as components or you can even attach them in runtime.
It might help with this issue

Yeah that’s working but unfortunately this solution is not suitable in my case unless I will rewrite whole architecture. I can assume that error appears because of engine limitations but there’s no documentation about that.

■■■■ happens, it’s not a big deal.

There’s clearly a bug with nesting child actors…

You have to someway reset the nested child actor at runtime.

The easiest way I found is to set the child actor class (with same class).