Chibi Hero Male Pack

Chibi Hero Male pack finally its ready!

Over 538 Armor Pieces !
Better customization over 512 Face combos

99 acc
47 Body Armors
84 Feet Armor
60 Glove Armors
51 Helmets
100 Helmets Whit Hair
22 Leg Armors
75 Shoulder Armors
3 Master mats
375 Mat intance.
512 - 4k Textures

and all that for the same price as Female Pack!

Better Customization Check Video


It will be up on March 30

Looks great ! Must have been a CRAZY amount of work to make all those individual pieces !

Got accepted :wink: will be up on march 30 added video Testing Action RPG inventory whit chibis.

fantastic! i love it

Looks really good and that is a lot of items!

secretly wishes someone would make a similar pack with normal humans

Its up on marketplace

update sent. fixed issue whit apex cloth crashing engine. plus added 8 more armor pieces.


Male Pack can now be bought from sellfy @ $29.99 !!!

@nopal3d is it still possible to buy this product anywhere? I have the male version… Would love to buy the female one as well :slight_smile: