Chex Quest HD is looking for artists!

I am looking for a couple of artists to help finish up Chex Quest HD. This is a modern remake of the 1996 advergame, which was a Doom total conversion given away as a cereal box prize back in 1996. I’m Charles Jacobi, the lead artist on the original and have supported this gaming oddity off and on for the last 20 years. 8 years ago I made a sequel in zDoom and for the last 8 months I’ve been building this remake in UE4 with a couple other original devs and community volunteers.


We do this purely as a hobby and will be giving this game away for free on fan sites. Here is the thread on the fan forums for the WiP if I’ve somehow grabbed your interest:

There’s not much there to look at currently, but I will share a playable build with any serious individuals who are willing to volunteer some time to help bring this home. I have been granted a one-time use permission by General Mills (the owner of the Chex brand) to produce this project. They are enthusiastic about what’s been done so far and have offered some limited support, but no direct funding for development.

Where we could use a couple of volunteers is in environment art, character art and animation. We wouldn’t turn down any other offers of help from other disciplines if we got them though. There is lots to do still. Yet beautifying the levels and animation/sequencer help are our biggest needs, compared to the project as a whole. Most of the gameplay is in and working at this point, I’m only missing a couple weapons, the final boss and several menu screens. The five levels are blocked out and playable. One level has about 50% beautification, but the others have little or no art. We plan to remake the intro/outro videos using Sequencer and these haven’t really been started yet.

Thanks for taking the time to read through my post! Please message me if you might be interested in helping out, keeping in mind that this is entirely an unfunded community project.

Charles Jacobi

Please excuse the bump, but we have a teaser video to share now! We’re still looking for a little help in environment art and with cinematics (3DS Max animation and sequencer).