Chesterfield furniture for Arch-viz scene


Everything is on the title ^^.

I want to create an Arch-viz Scene for the fun, to learn, put new piece on my portfolio and why not put some of this on the Marketplace.
I wanted since a while, make chesterfield furniture, (before I could get a real one ^^).
so here I am I started to create a pouf and a couch, I intended to create a full collection with different color and fabric.

Don’t hesitate to give me your feedback, I will try to make regular post.

I post the picture with a link as I can’t upload directly

If you dont add more to this, it looks just like cubes with tesselated material applied to them.

Actually there is no tessellation here, what do you mean exactly ?

these are realy nice meshes and high quality designer furnitures. They are perfect and simple. No need of adding details…

Hello here,

Sorry for the while, I wanted to have something nice to show before post again.

Kanizitas thanks a lot for your support that nice.
Wolgaser I look at the video, I have to agree is impressive, even if I already know what is displacement and tessellation, to be honest I never really tested yet; so I don’t know it’s advantageous ? I assume there is also constraint ? I am interested to know if I could do that in better way?

Here is my personal workflow for this furniture, as is true the couch and the pouf were simple, it was also for tested purpose.
I start by create the pattern to convert in alpha into zbrush, then I did base mesh in 3ds imported into zbrush and use surface (noise) to apply this alpha on the entire mesh. I had to polish, place the button and rivet, then I did 3 mesh for LOD at less than 10k, 20k, 30k, bake with xnormal, the normal map and the AO, I created a shader into unreal, able to replace and change the normal map and AO for each mesh.

So here is what I have got from now.
I have done the Sofa, the classic from chesterfield if you go to there website there is nothing original done here, sorry for that ^^;
however I hope it will be still interesting, I played a lot with light and the shader to get something realistic and nice to look at.


Hello there

I done my sofa, 1 -2 and 3 places, need some polish but I am pretty satisfy of them, what do you think ?