Chess War


I started some time ago a new project. A bit more ambitious than previous ones (Tetris and Tic Tac Toe).
Make an animated chess game in the manner of Battle Chess, where pieces are represented by characters who are animated when a move is done.

For now, I just coded the default operation of a chess Game. This leaves me a lot of work, but the core is made, and the beginning of the UI (with, among others, a countdown, a minimap, the display of each move made, a non-customizable portrait for the moment, …).
Blueprints for check and checkmate, pieces movements, the creation of the board, possible movements for each piece and some other personal Blueprints were coded in C++. But, all of the mechanics of gameplay was done in blueprints.

A first video :
If subtitles are not enabled, enable it and choose english.

Still a lot of work to animate and model pieces, code an Artificial Intelligence, do menu and decor, etc.

You should make playable small battles between the chess pieces. So a win/loose is not determined in advance, but of course stronger pieces have an advantage over weaker ones.
“Archon” -like

You even can create new “characters” with similar abilities like chess pieces but different, and let the human player have a setup to combine these.

If you plan to release youre sets of pieces on anything else than a boring chessboard, contact me for free environments:!

Thank you for your advices. I do not know if I’ll do what you suggest, because my goal is to make a real game of chess with only a few animations. Anyway, I’ll think about it, it’s a good idea.
Thank you also for your aid proposal on environments.

I am also trying to create something similar, can you help with your data?

trying to make a chess game. any way you can help me set up a grid for the game board?