Chess Chronicles Cinematic Trailer

Hello all!

This is going to be a looong post, So if you wish to read a short version please scroll down(See More…) to check out the Compressed/TLDR/TimeIsMoney :wink: version!!


So, my team and I had been quite busy with projects, We worked on four games back to back for client + 2 Motion Projects + Other Stuff. We were free for a few days but we were exhausted working on the streamlined method. Something Different was craving us all, especially me! We had 12 days for this project!

Remember Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, Yes, of course, you do! And remember that chess battle scene? Man o man, what an epic showcase it was! It’s still stuck in my head and I sometimes just go back to watch that scene! It was such a profound experience of movie magic, also because I used to play chess a lot back then, played a few competitions, use to practice a lot of strategies, blah blah blah…I loved chess back then and still DO!

Back to the main topic… I was like ok, let us make a game where we play chess, but we use real characters instead of just immovable objects! Did anyone make it before? Probably? We searched, could not find anything on Playstore, there were few on the Windows platform but slow-paced and focused more on battle aspects. (there was one VR version but, really had mixed reviews and was missing a few things, learn from their mistakes!). Chess is a game of Concentration and you don’t want to disturb the players while playing the game. Okay, Also, let us keep it Free To Play so that everyone can enjoy it! How FREE TO PLAY you ask? Stick to commercially available, exempt of any charges assets to reuse for public release. The game was developed using Unity.


Oh, I cant start explaining how much fun I had, Laying out a short story, Setting up how each shot will look, with my own poorly drawn storyboards. I wanted this trailer to showcase what realtime engines can do, and what we can accomplish in a short period with motion capture data and a small team. Then my colleague who is a storyboard artist came in and made the storyboards look like we were going to make a cinematic for AAA Game!

Unreal Engine was the key to keeping it real close to what was in the pre-production and how to achieve that level of quality in less than 10 days!!

I was working day and night for the last few days putting together shots in unreal, animating(merging the available mocap data into a single stream of actions required for the shots) editing, SFX, etc. At the start I planned okay, let’s just keep it this stuff then we are done. But as I dived into it,i kept going deeper, there was no coming back!! Learned a lot of new tips and tricks along the way!

We had 2 extra shots, which did not make it to the final cut of the trailer!

In the end, did all the SFX for the game as well as the trailer(GDC Audio Bundle) and all the edits.

ALPHA Version

I wanted to keep it short and simple, but looks like creating the Chess AI with Min Max/Zero-sum game theory at this level is just enjoyable if you are a beginner. So now we are releasing the Alpha for an interested and close group of testers! For the final version, we are planning to implement Stockfish open-source engine as AI. (Most renowned chess engines available out there)

TLDR/Summary -

Had free time between projects, Big Fan of Harry Potter 1st part, the chess game scene was memorable, decided to make a game on it, also decided to make an awesome trailer for it, also keep the game free to play so that everyone can enjoy it!


I would appreciate it if you check out the trailer and share it if you like it! We are trying to create more games in the future. We are a small team of devs and artists, gamers at heart. We aim to make super awesome fun & enjoyable games which also make you think and make your brain go brrrr, uhh, uhh, nice, shucks, **** it, ah! Visit the website to know more and stay updated!

Peace out!