how do you make a checkpoint? when my vehicles dies or flips over it should reenter at the nerest checkpoint.

need answer asap

Hello CMJones,

There is more to this tutorial than just checkpoints but it should be able to show you the functionality you need. I would suggest going through the entire tutorial but #4, #5, #6 have the information about checkpoints.

Hope this helps!

do the blueprints respawn the player at the checkpoint?

i cant find this component

this is what i have right now


Yes, in later videos of the tutorial he sets up a respawn system that respawns the car at the checkpoint after a few seconds if it has flipped.

CheckpointCleared is an event that was made in an earlier part of the tutorial and isn’t native to the engine. You’ll need to watch the previous videos to see how to create that.

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okay then.

(CheckpointCleared) witch video???

i did the instructions (minus the varibles = to make the lap time, race time ect. ect. to do with racing) but CallCheckpointCleared was STILL not there!!!

He creates the Event Dispatcher called “Checkpoint Cleared” at 6:03 in the 3rd video in the tutorial.


now i cant find get player controller in the tracker!

What is this “tracker”? Be sure you’re not dragging off an execution pin as Get Player Controller is a pure blueprint function so it doesn’t have an execution. Also try right-clicking in the graph and un-checking 'Context Sensitive" at the top right to see if it is available to use then.

never mind!!!