Hey guys do u know how can i spawn player at certain location with multiple player starts in level, it first have to open level and then spawn player at location but the main problem is that i have multiple player starts so when i create variable lastlocation (transform or vector) when i create save and load system, and when I press play my character is falling from the sky. I created BP_Actor (checkpoint and I added box collision) and I created save system on event graph there. But on loading i have the problem, do you have any ideas ?
Please help me ?

Here is the image of load nodes

Have you verified your lastLocation variable value (before teleport) is the correct value?

What happens if you just add a hardcoded vector value for DestLocation (one that you know shouldn’t be higher than the ground), do you get the same result?

Can only guess that when you saved the game, the location was actually 0,0,0. You could (or should since it could be an issue in the future) do something where if location is 0,0,0, it spawns you at the default spawn point or something.