Checkpoints stop working after adding Character Select...

Hello, I have explained my issue in the video linked below.
If someone could help me with the below-issue I would really apprecieate it.

My discord is Erook#1707
If you have time to explain to me thoroughly through a call… Thank you regardless!

There were a lot of errors when you exited the game with your other character. Maybe they are relevant?
Have you tried debugging with F9 and steppnig through to see where the issue is? You should be able to figure out if the checkpoint isn’t being registered, or if it isn’t being loaded.
Maybe one of your casts doesn’t work for the other class?
Also, in your Void, you check if Self (beng the void) is in CheckpointUsed which seems pretty weird. Is that right?

About those errors, they are purely widget based and nothing to do with these system issues. I’m just postponing work on that untill I can solve my current dilema…

I’m not the best with blueprints so even if i do understand where the issue is, I don’t have the necessary experience to fix it.
Most of my blueprints are made with tutorials with some exceptions and a ton of improvisation to make them work together…

And about that void section, Im sure its bizzare but Its one of those things where if it works it works… And it seems to do so.

Programming is all about copying and improvising, but you should try to understand what everything does before asking for help. If you do not understand how your code works, it will be hard for anyone else.

Regarding your void thing, I would argue it doesn’t work, which is why you’re asking here.

I think you need to put a breakpoint on all your events and see exactly what is happening to figure out where the problem is.

You are right, I am asking for help because I know that everything I have works and i ‘Mostly’ know how it works. Took a lot of improvisation getting all those tutorials to be compatible but i can make sense of it. Only issue that came is from this new character select system…

From my understanding the only issue with the character select and checkpoints not cooperating, is that since at begin play I’m not using a specified actor anymore but a camera pawn which possesses an actor… Suddenly the checkpoint system doesn’t recognise the actors it should affect…

I might be wrong in this assumption but lets say I’m not. I still don’t know where to start with it, became from my logic the checkpoints should still recognise the actors being used as they are the same actors… That’s where i need help.

Looked like at least one of the event was casting to the knight char. So, yea, if camera is possessing someone else, that would throw it for a loop.

If you haven’t already, should probably go through and see if there are any other references to a specific blueprint class. Then instead of casting to a class (like comparing who overlapped checkpoint), use a Get Player Pawn or something instead.

If you need a variable or function call to a specific character class somewhere, a blueprint interface would help.