This is my first game, im planning to learn unreal engine 4 as i make this game, so my progress might be slow compare to other developers and i’m working alone in this… for now
[FONT=Arial Black]CHECKMATE warfare (the game plan)

-Real time strategy game that involves hover vehicle… with guns ← (i should make a name for this)
-Different colored teams, each teams target is to eliminate the opposing teams “KING”
-Every team contains 8 “PAWNS” - 2 “BISHOP” - 2 “ROOK” - 2 “HORSE” - 1 “QUEEN” and 1 “KING” as in chess
-When a vehicle gets eliminated, it cannot be recreated in one game
-Every type vehicle has its own special ability

[FONT=Arial Black]PAWN
-i have already completed “PAWN” vehicle after 3 tries, came up with this model
-i have already made it float, made it move with “wsad” commands… (just to make sure there is no problem with the setup)
-made all the guns to aim correctly
-finished the particle system other than projectiles

Thats all for now… :slight_smile:


managed to add different colors when spawn on game,

Could you elaborate on the ‘special abilities’ of the different ‘chess’ pieces?

-These are not finalized

-as they take out the closest enemy, they are equipped with full auto guns adjusted to close range combat
-they can be anything when it reach the end of the board, so special ability is “equip” (they can be equipped with rocket launchers, mortars, or special ability from other pieces which is link to damage dealt… or some kind of promotion… didn’t go there yet)

-as they take out pieces across the board, they are snipers. they shoot enemies from the corners of the battlefield.
-“stealth” is their special ability. (they cannot be visible in map)… not final

-as they take out what’s in front of them, they are chargers with a thick front armour…
-“Charge” is their special ability…

-as they move above others, horses are flankers, they are equipped with shotguns
-their special ability is “Jump” they can jump far, across the enemy lines over obstacles and walls. useful when flanking.

-as queen can take out anything in any direction, queen are artillery units that can fire anywhere as long as the point is in the vision of the team
-special ability for queen is “cluster”… a shot with a wider spread but a lower damage, useful when dealing with a group of enemies charging at once.

-the slowest and the most inactive unit in the battlefield. with a large armour…
-it is the main commanding unit when the king is eliminated, the game is over.

currently I am trying to make the AI work with the “PAWN” character… as this is the first game im making, this is going to take some time… so these are the plans…