checking to see if other programs are running

is it possible to check if programs other than the game are running?
for example, i wish to have my game check if discord or steam are running

There are some clues to be found in the Spyware that is the Launcher. :stuck_out_tongue:
Blueprints are too heavily sand-boxed to offer any features like that iirc.
But if there is anything in 4.25/4.26 it would probably be under Utilities.
If no else replies, try posting in the C++ section, or search for a Plugin.:wink:

hmm, if all else fails i could learn to code a custom pluggin, but first i’ll look for an easier way. there could be a “find proscess” node, but i’m unsure as to what it would be called or if it exists

edit: it seems it doesn’t exist or is called somrthing completely unrelated to it’s function